We hear Your Needs Loud & Clear

5X5 Handyman Services provides premier handyman services to the local homeowners and small businesses of Alameda County.

Our Toolbox

General Repairs

General repair services can include many areas around the home or business. Our most common repairs and replacements include: door lock repair/replacement, door hinge repair/replacement, drywall patching, etc.

Small Plumbing

We are skilled and experienced in small plumbing repairs and installations such as: Toilet repair/replacement, faucet repair or replacement, shower repair, garbage disposal replacement, and sprinkler repair/installations.


With more and more online shopping you might have found that you have no time, or the tools, to put together your new bedframe, patio furniture or outdoor shed. Our basic assembly services can help.


Our general installation services include everything from outfitting your home with grab bars for aging in place, to TV mounting, to basic appliance installation.

Interior Painting

We offer interior painting of homes and businesses. This service is perfect for property managers, real estate agents, and busy homeowners.

Small Electrical

Just ordered a brand new light fixture and need it installed? We got you covered. With our basic electrical services we can replace receptacles, replace switches, and install fixtures.

Who We Service


For those who need a repair with precision for your personal home, we got you covered. We understand how important every individual home is, so we provide many of our repair/replacement services for the typical homeowner with utmost care.


For those who need general maintenance for multiple properties, we can do that! We are not limited to just homeowners! We do work for landlords and renters with the same level of care and concern!


Looking to get your property on the market, but still need a few repairs before doing so? We got you covered, we can do a wide range of minor fixes, repairs and installs so you can get yourself on the market as soon as possible.


Looking for a few minor repairs in your business property without having to pay for contractor prices? We can do that, whether it be support in removing some monitors, replacing some lights or even a small fix of your restrooms, we will service!

Why 5X5

When we started 5X5 Handyman Services we knew that we wanted a name that would give reassurance to potential clients that we are different. That we take time to understand their needs, and we strive to go over and beyond to meet their expectations. We chose the aeronautical term ‘5×5’ which means “We hear you loud and clear.” 

Our team is skilled and experienced in a variety of trades. We work in a two-man team to ensure all of our projects are done quickly and efficiently. We invite you to learn more about us.

Our service area

5X5 Handyman Services covers most of Northern California’s Alameda County with the exception of the far north and the far south of the county. Our main cities of service include; San Lorenzo, Hayward, Castro Valley, San Leandro, Alameda, Berkeley Hills, Dublin, and Hiller Highlands.